Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exploring the Salan River in Jerantut.

A long long adventurous weekend for 8 of us.
5 Sept 09
We started our journey early in the morning. Reach Jerantut around 1000hrs for our breakfast.  We started our adventure about 1100hrs. In exploration...chances of taking the wrong trail... and we ended up in a Orang Asli village. Detour back to the main road. A nice Pak Cik showed us the right trail. Here we go. Following the palm oil plantation. The terrain is not too rough. A nice bumpy ride... bridges made by trees log... and muddy holes.
Crossing the Bridge built by tress
We were almost there.... The winch nuts are loosen... No way we could winch our vehicle through the big mud hole. We had to detour back to town to get it fix. When we reach the main road, the other car condemned. WOW... Lucky we detoured... or we will be stuck in the jungle...
So our responsible 4WD operator called backup from Kuala Lumpur. But we could not continue our exploration on that day. So we found a nice place with a river to camp at Sg Kiol. THIS IS A CAMPING EXPERIENCE I WILL NEVER FORGET...  I was bitten by sandflies all over my my body....
6th Sept 09
We leave Sg Kiol about 0900hrs. Had our breakfast in the same town. This round we went in with 3 vehicles. Bashing through the same track we went yesterday. Cool... and this time seems so much faster. Then we reach the obstacle we faced yesterday. HAHA... this round Kerenga went and bash a new trail.. and we used the new one to skip the mud hole. In less than 200meters, we reach the campsite at 1230hrs.
Posing at the 4WD
Setting up our tents, started preparing for dinner. We had a nice dinner with curry chicken and soup with rice. After dinner everyone went for a nice dip in the river. A real cool one.
All went to sleep very early. About 2200hrs, I was enjoying my nice herbal tea.. sitting there chatting with Nazli, Kerenga and Nazli's brother. They shared their 4wd experience with me. Suddenly... we heard some sound from the river bank near us. WE SMELL MAYBANK.... oh gosh.. a tiger.... Immediately Uncle prepared his shotgun. And Kerenga grab his fireworks... and burn it to scare it away... We continue sitting there for a while but REAL ALERT...
Went back to my tent around 0100hrs. And had a nice sleep.
7th Sept 09
0800hrs. A lot of noise outside my tent. Hmm.. everyone is awake. Time for me to wake up. They were enjoying the chic kut teh I cooked last night which is for breakfast. After breakfast we started our journey at 0930hrs to search for Sg Salan Waterfalls.
We crossed the river... followed the trail... made 4 river crossing in total... after 3hrs we reach the Sg Salan Waterfalls.
 A huge and beautiful waterfall with a double olympic size pool.
Joe and Salan Waterfalls
Harry and the fall
But NO SWIMMING PLEASE... the pool is so so so deep. And the current is so so strong. It's almost 1300hrs. We have to leave. None of us brought food as we did not expect a long hike. We reach our campsite at about 1600hrs. Had a quick lunch.. AND OFF we go to search for the next waterfalls.
Crossed the river and went to the opposite side of our campsite. A tributary river. A nice setting of the forest that looks like a Japanese Garden. Very beautiful. We river trekked for about 30 mins and came to the first fall. Very nice with a nice pool. Then to the 2nd then the main fall. Wow... a very nice multistep waterfall. You won't believe this is Mother Nature. It looks like man made.... Four steps that is basically FLAT!!! I've been to 50 over Waterfalls.. but never seen such a thing.
The first Multi Step Fall
The Main Fall
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
We had a nice shower at the falls and had to get back to our campsite before dark. We reach the campsite.. and packed up to leave.
 Flat Rock.. Nice nice..
Due to time constrain we did not manage to find the Lata Manik. But I think I know where it is. :) I WILL BE BACK...
We had a nice night 4WD adventure...BACK TO CIVILIZATION...
Everyone was so so tired and slept in the car all the way back to Kuala Lumpur. We all had a great and fun experience.
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