Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waterfalls around Pahang

Today, as a usual weekend, WS goes for our weekly expeditions. Today instead of going to our planned destination Lata Meraung, we changed our plans to Chamang Waterfalls and Sg Dua Waterfalls both nearby Bentong.
The ferocious Chamang Falls
We started our day with our breakfast in Bentong. Then headed to Chamang Waterfalls. As early birds, we enjoyed the nice waterfall views by ourselves. Tooks lots of pictures. The waterfall is really ferocious. I remembered when I was there last year, the death poll has not been any changes for many years. But this round, I saw there's 1 incident this year. Well... proven that this place is really dangerous as it has under current. Of course non of us wanted to swim here as we take safety precautions very seriously.
 The fall and I
While we were taking pictures, a swallow fell right infront of Loo Sin. Then she pick it up on the hands. The baby swallow was learning to fly. I took a picture with this baby swallow too... Then Dom took this baby and put it at a safe place at the side to make sure no one will step on it.
 Me and the little Swallow
 Group Pic at Chamang Falls.
After taking pictures, we decided to continue our journey to Sg Dua Waterfalls near Karak.
Sg Dua Waterfalls a.k.a. Lata Khong
We had a nice swim at Sg Dua Waterfalls. Dominic pulled a rope and bring all in the cave behind the falls. Still as chilling and cool as before. 
Group pic at Sg Dua Waterfalls
We had a great time having this fall alone which is usually packed during weekends. After the nice dip we were all hungry and headed to Bukit Tinggi for lunch.
Our Lunch at Bukit Tinggi.
After lunch we left Bukit Tinggi and head back to Kuala Lumpur. A nice day with a group of great people. Like Sifu always say.. Small is beautiful :)