Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A weekend away.... from Waterfalls to Beaches in Terengganu...

It was almost midnight. We started our drive to Terengganu on Friday 18th Sept. It was really bad traffic. Slow moving all the way till Karak Toll. But it was good to have good companies in the car. Dominic was our usual driver..

We drove all the way and stopped by in a small town at 0300hrs . Some lemang was just fresh from the firewood. A good combination with our curry chicken that Joe has cooked for us.

We reach Kg Jongok Batu around 6.30am. Well.. still early... we went around and search for breakfast. OOpss... still Puasa... NO FOOD STALLS ARE OPEN. We had to wait for another group to pack some food from us. So we headed to the carpark. Try to get a short nap after a long night drive.

Nice Tree

We started our hike up at 1100. A nice tree a long the way. The trees here are so so beautiful. We followed the trail on the left for about one and half hours.

The waterfall from far... magnificent...

We finally reach our destination. WOW... REALLY TALL.. AND AMAZING Waterfall.. One of the beautiful waterfall that we have visited...

can you see the human below the fall?

We then had our dip near the waterfalls. Beware.. very slippery... Some took a rest on the huge rocks near the falls while enjoying the scenic view of the falls.

Dom and YY enjoying a nice hydro massage.

Our group pic.

We started our hike down around 1400. Reach the trail head and started to find our nice spot to camp. We all had a nice dinner. And went to bed REAL EARLY.. everybody is just so so tired. Dom was not used to sleep early.. (well.. lucky he didn't go sleep...) saw a pair of animals that looks huge.. but like a porcupine heading towards our campsite. Dom shooed them away... or we'll have something licking our feet in the middle of the night... as most of us did not sleep in the tent.. but in the shelter...
The next day we woke up early then pack our stuff and headed to our next destination. We went to the beaches in Dungun to camp. A real nice place to camp. Nice place to look out for stars... We sat on the beach the whole night through looking at the starry night... with the breeze of the ocean...

Next morning we all woke up very early for sunrise. Then headed to a tunnel near our beach that connects to the other side of the coastal line.

Sunrise at the beach

A nice view from the tunnel.

Clarence looking at the sea...

After our breakfast, we packed up and was thinking to extend our stay for another day. But our final decision was back to KL.Before we head back to KL, we continued our journey along the Coastal Highway.. Along the way.. we saw a lot of sandy beaches. We drove all the way to Kuala Terengganu, had our lunch at the Chinatown, then headed back to the beaches for a nice swim. Joe bought some kites and we were flying the kites at the beach.

Flying the kites

Our group pic at the beach

After our beach session, we headed to Kemaman for stuffed crab. Well we were all too hungry and forgot to take some pictures for the album. After dinner, we started our long drive back to Kuala Lumpur. We reach KL around 12.30am. A real tired but fun weekend for the Waterfall Survivors.