Monday, September 14, 2009

Waterfall Survivors @ Warisan Taiping - Waterfalls and Eat Eat Eat....

Today, we went to Taiping to proceed to Air Hitam Waterfalls. First stopped by at Taiping for breakfast. Passing by the town that is full of history. Mun Tip who's originally from Taiping told us lots of stories about Taiping. The first Railway Station.... A Town that was once in consideration for Malaysia's Capitall... A town that has the most rain in the country... and so many many more that I cannot finish telling here. The drive around Taiping was so so nice as there's so many rain trees in this area. Really beautiful and scenic.

Then proceeded to our trail head in Batu Kurau, Perak. We took less than 30 mins to reach the waterfalls. This round there's quite a number of leeches. We scrambled down from the stream and reach the waterfalls. WOW.. really beautiful... and it's looks ferocious too. Due to strong volume of water and the weather is not promising, we left after we took our group pic.

Later we proceeded to Bkt Jana falls for a dip. We will come back to this place again during dry season. For sure. We had great fun at the small pool in a small little waterfall. Small but the water was so clear.. and so cold.. Posing with all sorts of funny pose at the pool. Today's group is real real FUN and CRAZY...

Group Pic at Bukit Jana Falls

After dipping, everyone was so so hungry. Mun Tip suggested us to a place call Kuala Sepetang. Wow... a real nice fisherman's village. We went to this restaurant which is at the side of the sea. From far we could see an island full of mangroves. A lot of fisherman's boat coming back with their catch.

 Fisherman with their catch of the day... Fresh fresh fresh...

We all had a great meal. Crabs, prawns, squids, clams.. all fresh from the sea. Full Full Full... real satisfactions to the max.

It's a real nice place for photography. We all took the opportunity to grab some nice pics. Check out our album on our Facebook

 just by using a point and shoot.. If a DSLR it will be great effect.. :)

Then we proceeded to Ipoh to get some Salted Chicken and Pamelo of course which is the local specialties of Ipoh.

We are going to plan for another trip to this place.. doing some waterfall hunt, food hunt and photography.

A real nice trip that all of us enjoyed so so much.