Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It’s not an everyday affair

I always find peace in nature and able to reassess myself calmly with a clear mind when I’m resting under a rain tree with the squirrel munching nuts on the branches, the soft grass on my back, occasionally looking up the blue sky seeing flock of birds passing by, and guessing the shapes of the white clouds, and the sound of gushing waterfall not far away.

I am able to return to work or the urban life with a smile on my face, my mind, and my soul. Sadly this serene environment is not available in the city. And the sadder truth is that many urbanites only experience this in their homes in front of Discovery & Travel channel.

Honestly speaking a weekend away from the city is refreshing. Not just away to Bangkok for shopping or Hong Kong for food, it is about getting in touch with mother earth and the pleasure of simplicity. So why not give Waterfall Survivors' activities a try!