Thursday, October 15, 2009

Media writes about Save Our Waterfalls Campaign


  • 創辦人葉慧麗(前右4)率領理事為造勢活動留影。(圖:光明日報)

  • 這個標誌,是瀑布救星的象徵。(圖:光明日報)

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為配合10月24日的“350國際氣候行動日”,馬來西亞瀑布樂園訂在10月25日(週日),早上7時30分,在雪蘭莪康情瀑布(kanching waterfall)舉辦大掃除活動。
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(Klang, Selangor ‧) While countries around the world are actively promoting environmental awareness of the occasion, the Malaysian group of young people there, silently play a small team and go all out to protect the environment and ecology of domestic small waterfall. To tie in with October 24 of "350 International Climate Action Day", Malaysia, waterfalls park set in 10 Ri Yue 25 (Sun.), 7:30 am, in the Selangor Kang Love Falls (kanching waterfall) organized the campaign. Malaysia Falls Park Ye Huili, founder claimed that dealing with climate change, we need to move quickly to unite the world's leaders to convey a clear message, namely: climate change solutions to be equal to science as the basis, and should be sufficient to face on the scale of the crisis. Reduce the use of fossil fuels She said, is an international climate campaign to find justice in series around the world with solutions to address the immediate climate crisis. She stressed that this organization's mission is to inspire the world's climate crisis, along with the challenges and create a new sense of urgency and potential. "This is a difficult task, but not impossible. By reducing the use of other fossil fuels and improved agroforestry farming practices worldwide, scientists believe that we can return to 350 in the middle of this century. Mankind is in danger zones, but more than 350 over the longer, the more likely to face catastrophic and irreversible climate impacts. " In addition, this organization of Chinese literature advocacy group, said Luo, and l, 350 is the world's climate security required for a common symbol. Only global campaign to come by, and this campaign has been all over the world began to grow. Attend the "350 international climate campaign" Clean-up of participants, registration fee of 20 ringgit, and will receive breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks, activities, a T shirt and peripheral products. Appeal to all well attended, and called on 350 volunteers to attend this meaningful event. If in doubt interested can call the high-Hong Gui (016-3230230), Luo Wen-hung (012-3695531) or leaf Huili (019-6787460) asked, or visit query.