Monday, October 5, 2009

Mooncake Festival with the Underprivileged Children in PSPK Selayang.

4th October, a day that Waterfall Survivors did something different. We went to the underprivileged center in Selayang. PSPK Young Generation Center which is leaded by Mr Henry.

There were 14 of us. The children was waiting at the center for our arrival. 47 children with a few single mothers. All happy faces to welcome us.

Henry introduced himself and told us some background of PSPK. Took a stroll to have a look at their office which is a block away. A nice 3 storey building. Grd Floor was the office and meeting place. 1st floor is the computer center and the 2nd floor is the sewing center.

The PSPK is giving tuition classes, computer classes.. and other self development classes for the children. While Sewing classes for the single mothers to obtain skills to support their children.

The center also takes care of community services like counseling and etc to the community living in that area.

After the introduction by Henry, we all headed back to the center with the children. Jane started off with a game with the children. Guessing the value of the things she showed. i.e. Candies, biscuits, chocolate and so on.. Whoever guesses the right value gets the goody. The moral of the game is to let the children know that although they come from broken family or poor family, god created them with a value. Hope that they understand that and study well and live well to be our future leaders.

After the guessing game, we played musical chair with the children while Jane playing the guitar for the song. Whoever that does not get their seat will need to do funny acts. Well... the kids was so so funny and really having lots of fun. But... well.. the funniest of all was our MS JOE...  with her big huge butt.. showing the children to use their butts to write alphabets...HAHAHAHAHAHA...

After the musical chair session, the kids queued up for their goody bag that we brought. In the goody bag has 2 mini mooncake, a fish biscuit, a lantern with a packet of candles, a packet of Mamee, a packet of drink and a BROS bottle.

After everyone got their goody bag, we all gather outside the center for a group picture

Waterfall Survivors would like to take this opportunity to thank BROS Bottle for sponsoring the bottles for the children and WS members that participated in this event by contributing time, effort and some cash for buying the stuff in the goody bag - Cindy, Aaron, Jane, Teh, Alvin, Ee, Richard, Soo Wei, Esther, Jasmine & Hubby, MC, Joe's Mom & Friends. A million thank you and God Bless You..